Secrets to Making Your Scent Last

Secrets to Making Your Scent Last

Fragrances transport you to where and who you want to be. Whether you’re a sexy seductress in Paris or a flirty temptress at the beginning of a relationship… you can say a lot with your scent.

Luckily, Pure Romance has two pheromone-infused luxury fragrances, Dirty French and Truly Sexy Flirt. You can choose between a seductive performance of wild orchid, blackberry, and vanilla musk or a bouquet of sheer jasmine, sparkling lemon, and clean amber. Plus, the formula reacts with your natural body chemistry to work as a sex attractant.

But how do you make sure people are smelling your intoxicating fragrance without it being overwhelming? We gathered the top tips and places to apply perfume so you can blow everyone away with your signature scent.

How to apply

The best time to spritz your scent is right after a shower. At this point, your skin is damp and free of grime. Then, moisturize with an unscented lotion. All this moisture will help lock in the scent. Don’t spritz and walk through the scent, apply it directly to your skin. Spritzing will waste precious product.

Also, store the perfume in a dark, dry place. You may be tempted to keep it in your bathroom, but the humidity is bad your beautiful fragrance. Keep it in a closet or room that has a consistent temperature.

Finally, while we do recommend multiple places to apply below, pick only one to avoid the fragrance from being overwhelming.

Where to apply

Pulse points

These are parts of your body that emit more heat and maximize the fragrance of the perfume. There’s a reason you’ll see women spraying perfume on their neck or wrists, these are popular pulse points. But there are some you may not be aware of, like the inside of the elbows or behind the knees. When applying your fragrance, you’ll feel tempted to rub it in, but try to avoid doing that as it will rub off some of the perfume and you won’t get a long-lasting scent.


Applying perfume to cleavage is perfect for any night out. It dares your date to lean in to get a better sniff. It can be the perfect foreplay whether you’re out on the town or having a relaxed, homecooked meal.


Perfume doesn’t always have to go directly on your skin, it’s perfect for your hair too (especially if you have a habit of doing sassy hair tosses throughout the day). This is a great way to make your scent last because the fragrance will latch onto hair fibers. If you’re worried that directly spraying perfume on hair will dry it out, mist it onto a brush and then comb your hair.

Top of the earlobes

You may be thinking, “what?!” but applying perfume to the tops of your ears is a great location because they are oilier than your earlobes, which means the fragrance will stick around longer. So, if you usually apply to the back of your ears, switch it up and try the tops.


You’re always on the move, so make sure your signature scent moves with you. Applying fragrance to the ankles means the fragrance will be projected wherever you go. Announce your entrance with style with this new application location.


Be very careful with applying perfume to clothes. When spraying on items like wool or cashmere, it can make the scent last longer. But avoid spraying on silk or chiffon because this could cause stains.

Enjoy these tips so you can have a long-lasting scent that makes you feel confident from sunrise to sunset.

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