Two’s Company, Three’s a Vibe: Sex Positions With A Toy

Two’s Company, Three’s a Vibe: Sex Positions With A Toy

Only using your vibrator to masturbate is like only using your phone to send emails, only going on vacation to sleep in, or only popping a bottle of wine to cook with it. Just because something works for one thing doesn’t mean there aren’t other, better possibilities!

The misconception that vibrators are only meant for solo play is a detriment to pleasure everywhere! For some, this stigma may derive from a lack of confidence in the bedroom or fear of how their partner may react. If this sounds like you, check out our blog, “Introducing Sex Toys Into The Bedroom,” to help you approach this sometimes-daunting subject.

We get it, sex is usually a good time the old-fashioned way. But, with 36% of women reporting that they need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during intercourse, a toy can certainly make for a better time. And that’s not just true for women! Not only do we think your partner wouldn’t mind giving their hand a rest, but there are also plenty of different kinds of toys to incorporate into sex that provides pleasure to ALL parties involved. Here are a few of our favorites…

The Pampered Pooch

the pampered pooch

All the fun of Doggy Style with some extra treats! While in the classic Doggy Style position, have the penetrating partner reach around the receiving partner to provide additional stimulation with their favorite clitoral toy. Or, let the receiving partner put pleasure in their own hands by using the toy on themselves.

This is also a great position to incorporate a vibrating strap-on toy! Not only does the receiving partner get filled with pleasure, but the penetrating partner gets extra stimulation from the built-in vibrating bulb and clitoral massager.

Sitting Pretty

sitting pretty

Talk about the best seat in the house! For this position, grab a sturdy chair and a tantalizing toy. With the penetrating partner in a seated position on the bottom, have them enter the receiving partner as they sit on their lap. Either of the partners can use a vibrator to pleasure the receiver on top.

Missionary 2.0

Whoever writes off the missionary position as being “too vanilla” has obviously never spiced it up with a toy! In fact, this is one of our favorite positions to incorporate a toy for two, AKA a c-ring. While the receiving partner lies on their back, the penetrating partner enters from on top wearing a c-ring. Not only does this position allow the vibrations from the c-ring to hit the sweet spot of the receiver, but also provides constriction for the penetrating partner.


Speaking of spicing up traditional sex positions, 69+1 equals double the fun! (That’s what we call “girl math.”) As usual, start with your bodies positioned opposite from each other, either lying side by side or one on top, one on the bottom. From here, you can either use toys instead of oral, or in tandem with oral favors. For partners with a clitoris and vagina, try a dual-action toy. And for partners with a penis, try using a masturbator!

Working Remotely

And finally, the best position to use with a toy is… any of them! Especially when you have remote-controlled vibes for both partners. Whether you want to get pleasured privately or privately in public, a hands-free duo is perfect for any position!

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