Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh My! Sexy Spreader

Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh My! Sexy Spreader

Excited? We are! Our Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh My! series kicks off with none other than the Sexy Spreader, our top seller. For a bondage and roleplay item with such an obvious use, you might think this one’s pretty straightforward. Not so! Read on as we break it down.

Sexy Spreader

What is it?

For one, our top seller. Our Sexy Spreader is what’s known as a “position aid.” Sort of self-explanatory, right? It can be the star of traditional missionary position, an add-on for doggie style, and so so much more.

Who should try it? / Why try it?

We asked certified sex therapist and educator, Renée Burwell, about bondage, roleplay, and accessibility and she said this:

“Ropes and other forms of bondage are great ways to provide additional flexibility and provide support while trying various sex positions.”

Awesome, right? Accessibility is so important, as is trusting your body, and it doesn’t stop there. Sexy Spreader might be your new favorite thing ever if you want and/or need…

Less Lower Joint Pressure – Consider this if you have lower body concerns, i.e. hip, knee, or ankles prone to soreness etc. Sure, your partner could hold your legs but think of what else they could do if their hands aren’t busy…

More Stimulation – Jumping off that first point, using this sexessory (sssh just go with it!) to free up your partner’s or your own hands means more touching and teasing other erogenous zones. Most of us need a lot of stimulation to orgasm.

Mobility + D/s Options – Sometimes you want a little help in tiring poses, other times you might be in the mood for something extra hot. Padding and long straps make this a fun stand-in for a body belt (aka bondage belt) or restraints.

Where to try it?

It’s ready for anywhere you’re doing the horizontal tango and have privacy. It doesn’t look too scary so it may get through TSA just fine, so you can take it with on your next couple vacation too.


The padded center goes behind your neck, while the cuffs go around your ankles and help hold them (and your legs) up for missionary position. Straps can be adjusted as needed! And, while that’s the most obvious use, we’re here to switch things up with some additional ideas.

Missionary But Better

For this one, just follow the directions above. To refresh, the padded center (between the two buckles) goes behind your neck and the padded cuffs go around your ankles! The handhold loops extending from the center can be used as you like.

Asking your partner to tilt your hips up might help them hit new internal hotspots. If they want to do so but also keep hands free, grab a pillow or two to wedge under your butt or hips.

Obedience School

Who doesn’t love this classic? It feels great for everyone and suits a variety of bodies. But let’s be honest, sexy time sometimes starts to slide from traditional doggie style to downward dog (yoga shoutout!), right? So, what to do? Sexy Spreader can help! Use the cuffs around the ankles but with the center strap positioned in front of your body instead of behind your neck.

Your partner can use the extra straps to pull your hips back against theirs, which puts them in control of most or all movements. Talk about hot.

First Class Seat

What people love about this position is that it’s extremely customizable!

For this one, the center strap goes underneath the chair, and the cuffs go around the wrists vs. the ankles. How short the straps need to be depend on a couple factors: what you and your partner want and/or what style seat you’re working with.

For armless or solid-arm chairs and/or more restriction: Go for short, short straps! Adjust them to keep the seated partner’s arms down by the sides or seat of the chair.

For open-arm chairs and/or less restriction: Use short but not too short straps! Loop some of the strap around the chair arms if keeping forearms resting higher is more comfortable.

Have options and don’t know what to pick? Try both! Being seated and restrained puts the other partner in full control. Then they’re able to tease and please with hands, a favorite vibrator, or any way they like.

Put Your Hands Up

This last one is sure to be a crowd favorite! Close the center padding on the outside of the door, shorten the straps, and use the cuffs as wrist restraints. You can leave a little slack or make the straps extra short to keep arms raised for a sexy bare-it-all pose. The unrestrained partner is free to admire and tease as much as the restrained partner can handle…

Not sure about door sides? We’ll try to keep it simple. The center strap should go on the outside of the door – that’s the side that shows hinges when closed.

  • If you toss the center strap over the door, close it, and don’t see hinges, you’re good to go!
  • If your door opens in (shows hinges when closed) and you still want to try this, proceed with caution. Locking the door can help secure it but may not prevent it from opening during play if the partner tugs too hard on restraints.

So, how’d we do? We hope we’ve sparked some ideas for play when using our Sexy Spreader. It’s definitely more versatile than you’d think. It’s a great option for mobility and/or comfort options, couples who play with some spice, and those who enjoy a truly customized pleasure!

Stay tuned for the next item in our series, Onyx Nipple Clamps! Just as we did here, we’ll give you the what, why, and how on this glam and kinky item.


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