Hopping on the bandwagon: Why We Love Rabbit Vibrators

Hopping on the bandwagon: Why We Love Rabbit Vibrators

When it comes to sex toys, you have options. Bullets, vaginal vibrators, clitoral vibrators, anal beads, c-rings, the list goes on. But there’s an option that’s versatile enough to give you all you want and more: dual action, more commonly known as “rabbit,” vibrators. And since 2023 is the year of the rabbit, why hop on the bandwagon and get your very own?

After the infamous “Sex and the City” episode (where Charlotte loves hers so much that Carrie and Miranda have to drag her out of her bedroom), this toy type became a pop culture icon. And it still stands up to its reputation. A rabbit vibrator typically has multiple motors: one that powers a tickler, often in the shape of rabbit ears, for the clitoris and another separate motor in the shaft for vaginal stimulation.

Let’s break down the benefits and our favorite toys:

Easy use

Pleasure is just a button (or two) away. Start by focusing just on the clitoris with the tickler and then add internal stimulation. Most toys have a button to turn on the toy and then another to switch up the vibration and pulsing patterns. You choose what feels best!


Want to focus solely on clitoral stimulation? Great. Want to only have vaginal stimulation. You can do that too. Want to do both? Yes, please! Whatever you’re looking for, this toy can give you. Mix and match to find the buzz that gets you going! Note, if you’re looking for versatility, make sure to look for a toy with independently controlled functions.


With versatility comes the opportunity for different orgasms. Based on what you decide to focus on, you can experience a clitoral, g-spot, or blended orgasm. What’s a blended orgasm, you ask? Well, it’s when you have a clitoral and g-spot orgasm at the same time. This toy can give you that first-time experience and be there for you for years to come.

Alone or with a partner

Who says dual action toys are for alone time? Give your partner the power and let them give you pleasure with the toy. Just make sure to pick your favorite lubricant and have a clear conversation with them about toys before introducing them in the bedroom.

Here are our favorite toys:

Main Attraction

Welcome to the Main Attraction! This silicone dual-action vibrator directs your pleasure with 20 speeds of independently controlled clitoral and shaft vibration for a completely customized pleasure experience. The shaft’s ridged tip massages your G-spot while the tapered clitoral massager delivers a brilliant performance all the way through the end credits.

Triple Orgasm Machine

When it comes to powerful, mind-blowing pleasure, more is always more. Discover passion times three with Triple Orgasm Machine, a 3-in-1 vibrator features 3 speeds of thrusting, spinning shaft action and 7 speeds and pulsing patterns of clitoral vibration. As the shaft thrusts, the spinning beads inside tantalize vaginal walls while the clitoral massager’s rabbit ears tease the clitoris with exciting vibrations.

Blue My Mind

Give “feeling blue” a whole new meaning – with Blue My Mind. This dual-action vibrator is made from super soft, utterly irresistible silicone that you have to feel to believe. It features a curved shaped with twin ridges that massage the G-spot, while the clitoral stimulator tickles and teases. With 2 motors and 8 vibrating speeds and functions, this toy is going to bl – well, you know.

With dual action vibrators, get the best of both worlds! We just hope you have friends like Carrie and Miranda to get you out of the bedroom when you realize just how much fun you can have with rabbit vibes!

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