Revolutionizing Pleasure: A Guide to Vibrating Panties

Revolutionizing Pleasure: A Guide to Vibrating Panties

Sometimes, you just gotta keep the good vibes going. Why limit yourself to the bedroom? Say hello to the technology that will have you expanding intimate experiences to anywhere and everywhere. And it’s all thanks to vibrating panties.

You may immediately think about the scene from “The Ugly Truth” when Katherine Heigl wears vibrating underwear to a business dinner. When the remote gets into the wrong hands, she attempts to remain calm as the vibrations take her over the edge. While played for laughs in the movie, wearing this sexy secret can be a life-changing experience whether you’re trying it out in private or in public.

If you’re curious, here’s our guide to the benefits to your relationship, prime locations to experiment, and products you should try.

What are vibrating panties?

You’ll be glad to hear that most of these toys are removable and aren’t actually attached to underwear (making cleanup that much easier).

You can use them while in public or private. Some come with underwear that has a special pocket. We prefer the vibe that fits into any underwear you already own. Most also have a remote control so you or a partner can discreetly change vibration and pulsing patterns without raising suspicions from other people in the room. There are also a variety of styles and types that can stimulate different erogenous zones.

Experience the Benefits

Whether you’re a newbie or exploring new fantasies, there are many benefits to these types of toys.

Private while Public

Having sex in public is illegal in most places, but this is a great way to get spicy while staying within the law. Turn on your partner or get turned on in a restaurant, theater, or bar and experience the thrill of being connected without anyone else knowing… which is taboo. And how sexy is that?


Using a panty vibe is a great way to get in some foreplay. The importance of foreplay has been studied many times over. It connects a couple physically and emotionally. One study even discovered that with 20 minutes of foreplay, the chance of female orgasm goes up by 60%.

Partner Play

It’s not just fun for one partner, it’s a game changer for both (especially when you hand them the remote). The biggest piece of advice we can give: communicate before turning on the vibrating panties. Have a signal that your partner will give when they’re pressing the power button. Come up with another signal if the vibrations become too much. This will connect you even more as you trust and connect through the power of the panty vibrator.

Where to use

The options are endless when considering where to try out your new toy. But some places are better than others. Before you play, remember to put some lubricant on the toy. This way, when it’s go-time, you won’t have any irritating friction. Let’s get into the best places to turn on your vibe… and yourself.

Sultry Dinner

Dinner is a staple date. Put a spin on your typical date night with this special addition. Enjoy a multi-course meal while your partner changes vibration and pulsing patterns with each bite. Just make sure it’s not a super quiet restaurant where the smallest noise will get everyone’s attention.


Theaters are already known as a makeout spot. It’s also the perfect place for a first-time panty vibe experiment due to the dark environment and surround sound. Choose a romantic or erotic film and get wild. Or, if you’re not into getting frisky in public, watch a movie in the privacy of your own home.


The crowd parts, you lock eyes with your partner from across the room and know it’s game time. Wearing a remote-controlled toy during a party is a sexy secret between you and your loved one. Plus, you’ll have a great time trying to hide your pleasure and your partner will have a great time watching you.


There’s a reason “Dirty Dancing” is so popular. Connecting over songs and getting close is a great form of foreplay. Plus, you can control the vibes to go with the beat. As the song rises, the pulses get faster. As it slows down, so do the vibes. You don’t have to be worried about anyone hearing the buzz of your vibrating panties. Plus, people will be too distracted to notice if you’re reaching ecstasy in the middle of the dance floor.


Spice up your 100th load of laundry for the week with a little playtime. You can relax and work from the comfort of your home with a powerful panty vibe. Do the dishes, vacuum the rug, or even finish some light dusting. If you’re a multitasking pro (let’s be real, most women are), then this is the move for you.

Our Favorites

When looking for your next couples toy, consider what area you want to focus on. Are you looking for some g-spot action? Do you want a clitoral panty vibe that is sure to stay in place? Want to try a remote c-ring to give him a tantalizing taste? We have all those options and more. Let’s get into the dirty details.

Box Office

This clitoral vibrating panty toy has magnetic tabs to keep your toy in place, so you don’t have to worry about readjusting when on the move. The contoured surface means you’ll enjoy the texture and massaging from three vibrating speeds and seven pulsing patterns. Hand off the wireless remote or enjoy it on your own.

Butterfly Effect

This vibe will take you through a complete transformation. Tease the g-spot and tickle the clitoris with this dual-action toy. Plus, you’ll enjoy 12 vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns. Let desire take flight with a co-pilot or alone thanks to the wireless remote that allows for hands-free fun.

Our Little Secret

Choose between a wearable bullet or c-ring that each have their own remote. Take turns taking control and teasing your partner from across the room or up close. Each toy has a textured surface and 12 vibration and pulsing patterns, so you experience the perfect pleasure.

Care & Maintenance

Take care of your toys so you’re prepared for anything. The number one rule: charge your toy after each use. There’s nothing worse than being on the brink of orgasm and having your panty vibrator run out of battery.

We love waterplay and all of the vibrators mentioned in this blog are bath-friendly. Unfortunately, their remotes are not. So, if you’re in the tub or shower, make sure to keep the remotes clear of any water.

Also, we recommend you wash it before and after each use. Store your toy separate from others in a dry, cool place. In fact, the perfect discreet storage is a cloth bag, like a toy tote. Doing all this will extend the life of your toy and help keep it free from pesky bacteria.

Keep the Good Vibes Going

Try a panty vibrator with your partner to increase intimacy and explore your sexual kinks… or go it alone to find the vibe that’s right for you. Don’t limit good sex to the bedroom. Vibrating panties are a sexy secret you can take with you.

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