DIY At-Home Massage

DIY At-Home Massage

When times get stressful and the days are long, giving the person you share the sheets with a sensual massage is an incredible way to encourage intimacy and build a stronger bond. Even better? It’s a very hands-on form of foreplay! Massage has been proven to relieve pain and reduce stress. Research shows it can also help with anxiety and digestive disorders. Experts say that when touch comes from a person you are comfortable with it can help reduce fatigue and helps to strengthen the immune system, something we all need right now!

If you’re hoping to transform your at-home massages from amateur to oh-so-satisfying, read on for a few tips on how to give (and receive) a DIY massage in the comfort of your own home!

Set the mood

Atmosphere is everything! Dim the lights, set up your favorite slow-jams playlist, and slip into something…comfortable. May we suggest a silky robe over a gorgeous piece of lingerie? Create a space on the bed or the floor that allows your partner to lie flat on their stomach and allows you to move around them with ease. For added romance, light a few candles. The Burning Desire candle not only adds a sweet fragrance to your atmosphere, but the soy base melts into a soothing, rich massage lotion. Win win!

Set up your supplies

While you don’t need to have a state-of-the-art massage table to give a professional massage, you do need a few go-to relaxation tools to get started. Start by choosing a massage oil that fits your needs. We suggest HēLi Massage Oil infused with Hello Libido. This ultra-hydrating massage oil not only stimulates your senses, but the invigorating essential oil blend is known to ignite feelings of passion, so you know your massage will have a happy ending. Combine this soothing massage oil with the In Good Hands textured massage gloves as you work your way over their back, and your partner will be begging for more.

Confidence and communication are key

Before you begin, ask your partner to take a couple of deep breaths with you, that way you two are beginning the session by being in-tune with not only each other’s breathing, but also intimately connected in your movements. Tune in to your partner’s breathing, and as you move your hands down their body, watch for signs of tension and relaxation. The power of touch is real, and your partner can feel your intention, so find your rhythm and relax. Use strong pressure and remember to verbally check in during your massage by asking if the pressure is okay and if they are enjoying what you are doing.

The fun doesn’t stop there

Now that you’ve given, it’s time to receive! By this point, both you and your partner are likely ready to take things to the next level so, after checking in that they are ready to turn up the heat, use the Just One Touch wand vibrator to tease your partner in their more erogenous zones. This touch-responsive vibrator allows you to stay-tuned in to the movements of your partner and the six pulsating patterns and flexible massaging head are the perfect way to finish this alluring experience.

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