Avoid a Costume Catastrophe

Avoid a Costume Catastrophe

The annual Halloween costume dilemma. What do I wear?

For a woman, choices usually involve any sort of character… but make it sexy. Who can forget the party from “Mean Girls” when the Plastics wear lingerie and animal ears? That pressure to be creative but sexy continues no matter how old you get. But you also have to consider being comfortable. It’s easy to only think about the beginning of the night when you’ll get amazing photos for Instagram, but consider this: It’s the end of October, you’ll probably be walking a lot, and, eventually, you will have to go to the bathroom.

Here are tips on avoiding a costume calamity (like this way-too-relatable “Saturday Night Live” sketch) with this DIY sexy cat costume.


We all know it’s good for the world, so why not recycle things you already have for your Halloween costume? The first thing people usually think of when it comes to a cat Halloween costume is a cat ears. Here’s a hack: make ears out of felt and use a glue gun to attach it to an old headband. This way you look cute and don’t have to worry about buying cheaply made ears from Amazon that may not even arrive in time.

Use Protection

Before you put on a costume, make sure you’re comfortable in your own skin. Worried about chafing? Buy a product that will help you feel comfortable. Worried about getting hot and stuff in your costume? Pack a refreshing mist to spritz when you’re feeling too hot to handle. Want your skin to look magically refreshed? Sprinkle on some glitter.

Dress in Layers

Go full “Mean Girls” with the cat costume! The centerpiece can be a simple black bodysuit, but that’s just a small piece of the puzzle. It’s all about the accessories! Pair your lingerie with tights and a black jacket. This way, you can stay warm and take off the jacket if you need more air.

Rely on Makeup

You’ll see plenty of videos going up this time of the year with influencers making themselves look like an actual zombie. Most people don’t have the expertise to pull that off. Skip all that blending by adding a few simple cat whiskers. You can even ask someone else to draw them on for you.

There you have it! A simple, sexy DIY cat costume. Now, get out there, be feisty, and stay comfortable this Halloween.

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