Celebrating Juneteenth: Embracing Black Voices in Sexual Wellness and Erotica

Celebrating Juneteenth: Embracing Black Voices in Sexual Wellness and Erotica

Juneteenth, a celebration of freedom and resilience, provides a unique opportunity to reflect on Black history and elevate contemporary Black voices. This celebration is not just about honoring the past but also recognizing and amplifying the contributions of Black creators today. As a woman of color in the sexual education and wellness realm, I want to make room to celebrate in a new way, bridging the rich history with the vibrant present.

Captivating Audio Erotica

In the realm of audio erotica, creators from platforms like Quinn craft immersive, sexy experiences. Here are a few Black creators to check out:

The Sensational One

Known for his unrepentant body positivity and that trademark, deep-voiced laugh, this TikTok star stepped into the audio erotica world via Quinn and brought with him dozens of sound bites that explore all sorts of real-world experiences.


Blending romance and erotica, SweetLover brings her magnetic voice to the wlw (women love women) world with must-listen creations. All of her audio invites listeners to indulge through sultry narration and oh-so steamy encounters.

Chris Yamez

With a British accent and mesmerizing voice, Chris Yamez creates both real-world and fantasy-world audio (shoutout: The Monster You Know) that’ll have you adding more of his content to your favorites list before you’re even finished listening. Trust me.

More recently, a friend also told me Dipsea has a Black Voices category, and I can’t wait to explore even more stories!

Perfectly Sexy Page-Turners

From novels to multi-part series, Black erotica authors are really bringing their A-game. Here’s a few printed works to add to your list, ‘cause they’re definitely on mine.

P.S. I organized these from mild to wild.

Lore of the Wilds” by Analeigh Sbrana

Set against the backdrop of a fantasy library, this captivating story follows a human woman and her encounters with two different Fae men. Interesting characters, magic, forbidden romance, and more await… Note, this is a debut novel of a wonderful author who’s already at work on the sequel!

Beverly Jenkins’ “Old West Series”

Transporting readers to the untamed frontier of the American West and the black community in the 1800s, Beverly Jenkins’ series puts three empowered women center stage in their own torrid stories. Also, the author is a bestseller and came highly recommended so, of course, the series is on my TBR list.

The Darkest Kink by W.S. Greer

This book weaves together themes of BDSM and eroticism with compelling characters and a plot steeped in mystery. If you didn’t know, WS Greer is a real-life Dom. They write as a self-described “guest in the house of romance that women built.” We love to see it.

In this special month, let’s spotlight Black voices in the sex and romance world. Whether through audio erotica or full-length erotica novels, there’s a wealth of creativity, talent, and sensual experiences waiting to be discovered! Take the time this month to explore Black creators and immerse yourself in their work. I guarantee you’ll find a few new favorite stories.

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