So you’re not a model—pfft! Here’s how to look hot in sexy lingerie, no wings required.

Lingerie is a sexy, sensual item that can add variety and excitement to every bedroom encounter—for the person wearing it and the person enjoying the view. Not only will your partner’s internal temperature shoot up when you start rocking a mouth-watering closet of lingerie, putting on something exciting and sexy can make you feel good, too!

While we tend to focus on what’s on the outside, sexiness on the inside is just as important. Quality lingerie can highlight your stunning form, but only if you feel comfortable and confident when you’re wearing it. Read on for 5 tips to feeling amazing in lingerie, no matter the occasion.

Functional can be fun

We’ve all heard the phrase “beauty is pain,” but don’t feel like you have to choose between comfort and beauty when it comes to lingerie. The best pieces are both beautiful and comfortable, and lingerie shouldn’t fit in a way that constricts your movement or breathing (we’re pretty sure breathing is essential, after all).

Make sure you’re getting the right size, and pay attention to how different styles fit and flatter your body. Then, once you’ve found a fit you love, look for silhouettes and colors that make you feel the most beautiful.

Complement your assets

Not all lingerie works for everyone, but rest assured, there’s a style of lingerie out there perfect for you. Different lingerie draws attention to different parts of the body, so when shopping for lingerie, make sure to choose a style that highlights the area of your body you find the sexiest. Proud of your luscious curves? Babydoll gowns show off your bust and flatter just about any shape. Think you’ve got an amazing booty? Give your lover a peek of what’s to come with a form-fitting chemise. Considering a jaw-dropping striptease? A black garter slip, revealed after peeling away your everyday layers, can do no wrong. Take this as your lingerie rule of thumb: If you feel amazing, you’ll look amazing, and vice versa!


Sure, it’s okay (and even fun) to buy lingerie with your significant other in mind, but don’t cave in and buy something that you know you’d feel uncomfortable in just because you think they’d like the particular color or style. You wear the lingerie—your lingerie doesn’t wear you. So, don’t be pressured to buy something you don’t absolutely love!

If your partner’s mouth waters over an item you dislike, take it as a challenge! This is your cue to go shopping and find something that gets the same (or better) reaction, but doesn’t make you cringe.


There is nothing sexier than confidence, especially when you’ve just added some hot new lingerie to your bedroom arsenal. This is your time to rock it. It’s normal to occasionally feel self-conscious, but here’s what you can do: believe in the beauty of your form, and don’t let any ideal you have of perfection convince you that you aren’t absolutely, utterly, overwhelmingly breathtaking.

Remember, your partner has chosen to be with YOU, not someone else. A titillating outfit is a gift for you both to enjoy.

Don’t make excuses—have fun!

Don’t talk yourself out of investing in lingerie that will add excitement to your sex life. Too often we hear people second-guess a decision to purchase lingerie because of a fear that it isn’t a wise purchase. Wrong! Good lingerie is an investment in yourself and your confidence … not to mention your sex life! Be creative with ways to work lingerie into your life, and you’ll spice up your relationship and free yourself from buyer’s remorse.

Consider teasing your partner by wearing sexy lingerie underneath your daily office attire and sending sensual messages to them throughout the day as a sexy reminder of what’s to come. This is one naughty little secret guaranteed to build just the right amount of sexual tension so you can both let loose as soon as you walk in the door.

Just remember, when you are shopping for lingerie, never forget who you are buying it for! Feeling sexy and confident in every situation is your own personal gift to yourself. Seductive lingerie can give you the chance to feel sexy and bring your wildest fantasies to life. So, don’t skimp—allow yourself to treat yourself.

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