The Sexnique that will have you Purring like a CAT

The Sexnique that will have you Purring like a CAT

Missionary. It’s a good sex position to have on standby. Dependable. Simple. Boring. What if we told you that one simple change in your typical missionary position could increase your chance of orgasming by more than 50%. This is the shift your sex life needs in the bedroom. In fact, the show “Sex/Life” mentions this sexnique in its very first episode. Want to know the secret behind orgasmic sex? It’s called CAT.

What is CAT?

The Coital Alignment Technique (or CAT) is missionary with a twist that focuses on clitoral stimulation. This is the secret behind its success, since more than 80% of women need this to orgasm. Psychotherapist Edward Eichel gave the method its name in the 80s and it has grown in popularity from there.

Thanks to a the top partner lifting their body a little higher than normal, the partner on bottom receives clitoral stimulation and penetration, leading to the potential for simultaneous orgasm. We’ll walk through how exactly to use this technique to your advantage (and what changes to make if you’re already an expert) below.

Orgasmic Benefits

If you’re not already sold, here are some benefits to adding this position to your bedroom playbook. It was developed to help women with coital anorgasmia (aka not being able to orgasm through penetrative sex). Since its inception, it has proved to be effective in solving this problem.

Not only is it good for her, but also for him. Since the focus is taken off thrusting, unlike missionary, and is instead on stimulation, it can help make those with a penis last longer. This means both partners can enjoy more stimulation and sensation.

Mission Possible (How to CAT)

Now that you know what this can do for your sex life, let’s get into the dirty details. First, one partner (usually the one with the clitoris) will lie on their back. Then, the other partner lies on top, in between their legs. Here is where the position differs from missionary. The top partner uses their arms to lean up and has their body higher than they usually would and rests their weight on the bottom partner. Then, the top partner slowly enters or uses a toy on the bottom partner. Just use the tip of the penis or the toy. Then use a slow up and down rocking motion. This is key: slow and steady wins the race.

With the partner on top, they will rub the clitoris as they do the rocking motion. This will cause friction, so it’s important to add a lubricant with this position as the heat begins to rise. A water-based lubricant is always a must-have in the bedroom, but if you want something longer lasting, then opt for a silicone lubricant that will keep things running smoothly throughout the entire sex session.

CAT 2.0

If you’ve tried the CAT and you’re looking for something new or just need an adjustment or two, here is some advice that can take you from 90 to 100%.

Try a different angle: Yes, the top partner is already hitting you from a different angle (we couldn’t help ourselves). But, the bottom partner can do a slight adjustment to create a better position too. If they tilt their hips and thighs at an angle (about 45 degrees), they’ll be in a comfortable position, without getting in the way of any movement.

Cushion the blow: Pillows can be a magical accessory when it comes to sex. Put a pillow behind the bottom partner’s behind to assure that they’re as comfortable as possible.

Slow it down: Unlike missionary, which is all about efficiency, the CAT increases intimacy. It takes time to create that closeness. We recommend slow movements. This is especially important for those with a clitoris, since it takes 13.41 minutes for the average women to orgasm.

Flip it and reverse it: Not the actual people, just the movement. Have one partner move up, while the other moves down to increase stimulation.

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