Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh my! Frequent Flyer

Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh my! Frequent Flyer

Ladies, gentleman, and others, this is your captain speaking. On behalf of Pure Romance, it’s my pleasure to welcome you aboard the final blog in our series: Frequent Flyer.

Our door swing tends to steal the spotlight when it comes to our bondage & roleplay offerings, and for good reason. It’s not only easy to use but also presents partners with potential membership to the Mile High Club via a variety of positions and angles that might not be possible otherwise!

So, let’s get into the what, why, and how-to on this bestselling sex position aid.

Frequent Flyer Door Swing

What is it?

Sex swings are systems of looped straps, padded sections, and additional elements that support different parts of the body to achieve suspension and various sex positions. In general, sex swings facilitate partnered play where one partner is suspended by the swing, and another moves freely. “Sex swings” is sort of an umbrella term. This also includes sex slings, traditional sex swings, door sex swings, and body sex swings.

Some swings use chain, but more cost-effective setups feature adjustable straps with fasteners and/or hardware. These are often high-strength plastics or metals that can support up to 300 pounds (136 kg) or so to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes!

Frequent Flyer features a padded section that works as a seat (or support against the torso etc.) as well as upper and lower straps. Upper straps generally function as handholds while lower straps slide around feet or ankles for further support. Here’s what takes our swing ahead of the rest. Most swings feature straps, some do not include a padded section. This can be tough to use if you don’t have top-notch upper body strength and, let’s face it, most of us don’t.

To get granular for a sec, Frequent Flyer is a removable door swing so there’s little to no evidence post-sex that might accidentally put your business on blast. Styles vary when it comes to different mount types and discretion levels. Some swings use zero structural elements (i.e., your partner is the mount!). Others work best in sex swing stands/frames. Still others let you go full “How to Build a Sex Room and hang from the ceiling.

Who should try it?/Why try it?

Anyone and everyone looking for effortless drama behind closed doors, literally! You don’t have to curb your enthusiasm when it comes to your own high-flying sexcapades. This type of sexcessory is all about making things possible.

“Sex swings and other forms of bondage can be a great way to help individuals with mobility issues,” explained Renée Burwell, certified sex therapist and educator. “Those with lower back pain or issues with their knees can use a sex swing to give more range of motion and release tension on the joints. There are many ways one can use bondage to provide accessibility.”

We love to see it! Accommodations in the bedroom are always awesome because every body deserves pleasure. Frequent Flyer’s a good choice not only for accessibility but also for easy use ‘cause it only takes a few minutes to put up and/or take down – no tool know-how needed!

What are you looking for?

No matter what your sex life looks like, Frequent Flyer belongs in your intimate collection if you want and/or need…

  • Something Different – Even if you feel like you’ve tried it all, you probably haven’t tried a sex swing. Why? The intimidation factor. But now that you know they’re not so daunting, you can get your desired dose of novelty with Frequent Flyer. When you need something new, nothing else will do.
  • Zero-Damage Use – If you’re a renter like me or just not ready to have an obviously sex-related item on display at home, a door swing is a great way to play that won’t leave your walls or ceiling full of holes. Some of us enjoy getting our security deposit back.
  • Mobility + D/s Options – Frequent Flyer can allay accessibility concerns while also putting you on display for your partner. That’s a pretty easy segue into the submissive headspace if you’re looking to put the DS in BDSM.

Where to try it?

Since a door is a must for install, the obvious suggestion is at home but don’t be afraid to add it to your packing list! Frequent Flyer has a leg up on other styles of swings as, unlike them, it doesn’t require heavy duty mounting in a metal frame or from a ceiling.

Chances are, you can get Frequent Flyer through TSA without issue. It just might be a good way to get the real first class experience, if you know what we mean…


As door swings involve the use of structural elements i.e., doors, let’s break ‘em down with specifics so you’re ready to fly the sexy skies.

Before play

  • Test the capacity of your door before installing and putting any kind of weight on the swing. Frequent Flyer can safely support up to 325 pounds (we generally say 300 pounds out of an overabundance of caution), but that doesn’t mean your door can!
  • Place cushioning on the floor under the swing before using it for the first time and until you’re used to the product. This way, if there’s unexpected turbulence i.e., your partner gets a bit too eager and you weren’t quite ready, your “emergency landing” is a little more comfy.

Preparing for flight

It’s pretty simple in practice but setting up Frequent Flyer the first time does have more than a few steps and things to keep in mind. Let’s take a look.

  1. Place the two straps with the tubes over the top, outside of a solid-core door.
  2. Close and lock the door, if possible.
  3. Pull main straps down firmly until you feel the tubes lock into place.
  4. Adjust each of the straps, take a seat, and play!

If it helps to have visuals in addition, check this out:

Strap adjustment notes

Not sure about door sides? We’ll borrow from our Sexy Spreader blog for must-know info. The two straps with the tubes should go on the outside of the door – that’s the side that shows hinges when closed.

  • If you toss the center strap over the door, close it, and don’t see hinges, you’re good to go!
  • If your door opens in (shows hinges when closed) and you still want to try this, proceed with caution. Locking the door can help secure it but may not prevent it from opening during play if the restraints partner tugs too hard on restraints.

Reaching cruising altitude…

Try an oral favor if you’re into queening or a simple front-facing position and plenty of teasing. Experiment with gentle kisses or caresses… or erotic bites and grasps… whatever you’re into. Communicate what feels good and go from there! What you and your partner get up to depends a lot on what positions you use the swing for. Regardless, any pick can get you that weightless, up-in-the-air sensation that makes orgasms and afterglow that much dreamier.


  • The Frequent Flyer Door Swing is not designed as a suspension device and makes no claims to that effect.
  • Pure Romance, LLC assumes no liability for bodily injury or damage to property, nor makes any claims to that effect.

Prepare for landing

As you begin your descent into aftercare (hopefully post-orgasm!), you can take Frequent Flyer down as easily as you put it up. Take a moment to check-in with one another on all mental and physical levels, and rest or whatever else you need.

When you’re ready, unlock and/or open the door and then just pull the swing down. It takes up less room when the straps are tucked together. If you and your partner got a little messy, toss Frequent Flyer into a garment bag and give it a wash on cold. No worries if you don’t have a garment bag, just know the fasteners might make a little noise spinning around in your washing machine! Remember: Frequent Flyer is air dry only.

And with all that covered, we’re on to the good part – sex positions that are sure to have you reaching orgasm altitude in no time.

Bon Voyage!

Let’s call this our direct flight, the epitome of sensual sex giving all the eye-contact. This is the pose that most people think of when it comes to door swings. So, of course, we had to start here!

One partner takes their seat in first class and uses the top straps as handholds and the bottom straps for foot or ankle support. Since the other partner’s totally free to move about the cabin, they can wrap hands around thighs or hips to control penetration speed and/or depth.

If you don’t need the added support of the lower straps, let them hang free and wrap your legs up around your partner’s hips to make this move even more intimate.

Captain’s Lounge

Every high-flyer deserves a moment to sit back and enjoy themselves. With one partner sitting pretty (and supported by straps as needed), the other partner lavishes attention on inner thighs and other sensitive spots. Talk about having your head in the clouds!

If you or your partner is really into giving, consider adding a flavored lubricant into the mix. ‘Cause honestly what’s better than enthusiastic oral?

Now Boarding

We’re switching up our first position. One partner takes a seat facing the door this time. If you and your partner like doggie style, this is the one!

Raise the lower straps so they function as handholds for the seated partner, or brace hands and/or feet against the door if it feels sexier and/or more comfortable.

The standing partner can use the upper straps to help navigate movements back and forth. The seated partner can also handle moves by using feet or hands to move closer/farther away from the door (think push-up or squat-like moves depending on what part of the body’s being used). If the latter’s the pose of choice, the standing partner’s hands are freed up for even more tempting and teasing…

Create your flight plan today

And there you have it! The conclusion to our Straps, Slings & Swings… Oh my! series. Thanks for flying the sexy skies with us as we explored Frequent Flyer and many other bondage and roleplay products, got into all the pleasurable details, and sparked some inspo along the way!

Our bondage & roleplay collection is full of thrilling additions to your sex life. They offer new and exciting ways to explore your desires and push boundaries. With all of these products, remember to prioritize safety and communication with your partner(s). Hop back on our blog to brush up on any details for the best possible experience.

Feeling ready to fly? Or maybe you shopped a different product as we moved through our series? Whatever you decided, we hoped you enjoyed it all! If you liked our deep dive with Frequent Flyer, don’t be afraid to share it with a friend in need of a little spice, or a partner, and keep the kinky conversations going.

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