Weight For It 101

Weight For It 101

Everyone’s heard of Kegels. Considering how incredible these secret-but-not-so-secret exercises can be for your overall health and your sex life, it’s no wonder more and more people are starting their own pelvic floor fitness journey. What better way to do just that than with new sextech Weight For It? Let’s get into this older-than-you-think exercise, who should and who shouldn’t do it, sexy perks, and more!

Weight For It

What is it?

Weight For It is a pelvic floor fitness tool designed to help max vaginal exercise gains and reward your hard work after! Crafted from smooth silicone, the set includes two interchangeable weights for progressive strength training, aka your “work” side of things. Remote-controlled vibration is more of your “play” side of thing. Clitoral orgasms really make the most of your post-workout glow.

Let’s go deeper. Kegels, while coined from the gyno that developed them in the 1940s, Dr. Arnold H. Kegel, are actually older than most people realize. Think 500 AD/CE and the popularization of Ben Wa Balls. What started with a focus on male-centric pleasure morphed into exploration of female pleasure through pelvic floor strengthening via vaginal weights. Metal Ben Wa Balls are still popular but silicone exerciser sets, like Weight For It, bring so much more to the table.

Who should try it?

Like other pelvic floor tools, Weight For It is a great option for those looking to improve bladder control, intimacy, and overall pelvic wellness. Because it’s not just about the vagina, pelvic muscles are an essential part of your body!

“The pelvic floor is actually a support to your organs, which is your bladder and your uterus, as well as your bowel,” Pelvic Floor Therapist Dr. Tracy Schweder, PT, MHS told us during an interview. “Your pelvic floor is part of your core system. So, it’s important not just to look at your pelvic floor, but everything around it as well.”

That’s what pelvic floor muscles (and therapy!) is all about. So, even if your orgasms are already out of this world and don’t need any help pelvic floor fitness can still give your body a boost.

Who shouldn’t try it?

On the flipside, Kegels aren’t actually for everyone. We asked Schweder to elaborate here.

“I caution against Kegels with any patients that have pelvic floor tightness,” she said. “If your pelvic floor tends to be tight, then you can make your pelvic floor and your symptoms worse by further tightening those muscles.”

She went on to say, “If you would start to use thinking it was something that was going to be helpful and you’ve developed pain or your symptoms actually increased, that is certainly a time that I would suggest making sure you’re seeing a pelvic health professional to get an evaluation of your whole system and not just thinking that it’s weakness in your pelvic floor.”

So, signs of a pelvic floor that’s too weak or too tight can look the same. Just like any other body workout, you want to talk to a doc (specifically a pelvic health expert!) when going hard for those pelvic floor gains.

If you suspect you might be dealing with tightness, what should you look for? We asked and she answered.

“Typically, pelvic floor tightness is connected to pelvic pain. However, it does not need to be. Pelvic pain or pelvic floor tightness can also be connected to urinary leakage. So, I sort of describe that, if your mouth was tight and you couldn’t really get your lips together, sometimes you could have things leak out of it. So just because you’re leaking does not necessarily mean you have a weak pelvic floor, you may have some pelvic floor tightness.”

We love the easy-to-understand analogy!

What should you look for?

Another thing to look for? Progress. What are the Kegels doing for you? According to Schweder, if things seem to be getting better, you’re likely okay and/or may not be dealing with tightness-related issues. But she advises you get help from a pelvic health professional if symptoms worsen or don’t change after four to six weeks.

You don’t want a pelvic floor that’s too weak or overly tight, right? So, what’s the sweet spot?

“It should be like a trampoline,” Schweder told us. “So, we don’t want weak and saggy like a hammock and we don’t want them stiff as a board either, because neither of those are normal or effective for what you need. If you have more of a trampoline, you get a little bit of give and a little bit of spring back.”

Now we know who should and shouldn’t be working on Kegels, so let’s circle back to the latest in pelvic floor fitness.

Five Fab Features of Weight For It

You can do vaginal exercises by yourself, with classic ben wa balls, or with a top-notch tool. So why opt for Weight For It? Let’s talk five standout features.

Silicone (& Cleanup)

Silicone stands as the optimal choice for sex toy materials due to its exceptional blend of safety and sensuality. Its non-porous, hypoallergenic nature makes for easy cleaning and minimal risk of harboring bacteria, while its velvety texture feels amazing.

Weights Style

Graduated weights allow you to slowly work towards your pelvic floor goals. Most products of this type have a whole system of weights that can take up a lot of room in your nightstand.

Weight For It has interchangeable caps with weights in two of them. Swapping is as easy as unscrewing one cap and screwing on another. We’re happy to say the convenience of swapping out weights has Schweder’s vote for Weight For It’s most important feature!


For us, grabbing the wireless remote is all about amping up that post-workout glow, but our expert says there are even more benefits.

Schweder told us the vibration feature for Weight For It is something that can be used especially if you’re having lack of sensation in that area and having a hard time finding those muscles to contract and to elevate anyone else.

Retrieval Cord

Retrieval cords play a role when it comes removal. Not only is it convenient, it’s also for peace of mind. No one wants to spend half their workout worrying! When in a squat and/or bearing down, you’ll find Kegel tools generally tend to slide out on their own with a little help from gravity, but a cord makes this one less thing to worry about.

Bath-Friendly, Rechargeable Design

Whether it’s turning up the vibes for a truly sensual dip in the tub or enjoying an easy cleanup, water resistance adds a splash of versatility to your experience. When paired with rechargeability, it ensures plenty of uninterrupted fun in and out of bed.

The Workout

Get ready to enhance your pelvic strength, boost your confidence, and enjoy the numerous benefits of a healthier pelvic region with our how-to, as well as some quick tips.

Important Notes

  • Wash Your Hands – You probably already know but vaginas, more specifically vaginal flora, has a specific pH balance. So, start with clean hands!
  • Use Lubricant – Water-based formulas are arguably the most gentle but there’s nothing wrong with a hybrid or even a silicone-based one. We can vouch for Weight For It but do caution using silicone lube blends with silicone toys if you can’t confirm the toys are real silicone. More on that here.
  • Exercise Daily – Complete your exercise routine daily (or as otherwise recommended by your doc) each morning if possible. Beginners will find it easiest to do Kegels lying down so you can do your workout before you’re up for the day!
  • Call the Doc – Speaking of doctors, we’ll reiterate, a pelvic health professional is your best friend when it comes to this important area of the body. They not only ID issues but also help advise on any workout personalization and ways to track/confirm your progress. Monitoring progress can be especially important if your goals include vaginal strengthening post-childbirth, controlling urinary incontinence, or improving the feel of orgasms.
  • Sex Is a No – Don’t use Weight For It during sex (unless you’re using it for external stimulation during penetrative sex with a partner). Ben Wa Balls might have a history of use during sex, but they were also traditionally much smaller.
  • Pads & Periods – Please use pads only for exerciser use during menstruation. Exercisers and tampons do not play well together!

Before & After

As with any toy, we recommend cleaning Weight For It with our cleansing spray before and after each use.

All Work

Before your workout, you get your equipment in place! Lubricate the exerciser prior to insertion. Slowly push it into the vagina past PC muscles, leaving the cord outside of your body for easier removal.

With Weight For It inserted:

  1. Squeeze pelvic floor muscles. Having trouble isolating/feeling where your Kegels are? Schweder recommends taking in a belly breath (not a chest breath!) which allows your pelvic floor to descend. Then, when you exhale, it can rise back up like an elevator. So, exhale to tighten your lower abdominal muscles.
  2. Hold for 1-10 seconds. This is all about comfort. You may only be able to manage a second or two at first and that’s okay! You’ll work your way up!
  3. Fully relax your muscles for about five seconds. This is key to completing the exercise properly. If you’re having trouble, practice breathing with full inhales and exhales and be mindful of lower body muscles contracting and relaxing.

That’s one rep, congrats! We recommend doing three sets for a full workout (with a set being 10-15 reps). Don’t forget to rest for a minute or so between sets.

Pro Tips:

  • Complete your routine lying down initially, then try exercises sitting up, standing up, and finally standing and/or moving around.
  • Squeezing contracts and lifts muscles. The cord should move up slightly with each squeeze. If it doesn’t at first, keep practicing.
  • Water-based lubricant is always a good choice but if you find yourself having to reapply more than you like and/or wanting something with a different feel, try our Hybrid Gel or silicone

Prefer to listen? Check out our video to watch and/or listen to Schweder walk us through the how-to.

All Play

You probably don’t need a full breakdown for this one so let’s just highlight. After you’re done with your workout or if you’re just in the mood for some fun anytime, grab your fave lubricant or clitoral enhancement.

If you’re using the vibe alone… Hold the power button for a few seconds to turn it on, and go! You can press the button again to try out different speeds or patterns. To turn it off, just hold the button for a few seconds again.

If you’re using the vibe with the remote… Hold the power buttons on both the vibe and the remote to power both on. Use the remote’s function button (the one with the little wave) to try out speeds and patterns. When you’re done, hold the power buttons on the vibe and remote to turn them off.

There you have it – a dip into the world of Kegels with Weight For It! We’ve covered the basics, highlighted standout features, and even provided a short and sweet how-to guide. Whether you’re a new mom on a mission, looking to boost your sexual confidence, or just aiming to prioritize your pelvic health, this little gadget has got your back (or rather, your pelvic floor). So embrace the vibes, strengthen those muscles, and have a blast along the way! Your pelvic wellness journey just got a whole lot more exciting.

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